Product Review- Just Herbs Frugel- Skin Radiance Gel

Oh Hi!

A couple of weeks ago, I got my Just Herbs mini- kit from awesome people at Fab Bag and I had reviewed the products. I told you how much I loved those products. I Used ’em up to the last drop and went ahead ordered more goodies from Just Herbs. Today reviewing an awesome skin radiance gel.

Just Herbs Frugel |

No Harsh chemicals, no parabens, no illuminator pigments- Just glow from within. I think the secret to great skin is keeping it simple.

Just Herbs Frugel |

I have been using this awesome stuff since a week and loving every drop of it on my skin. Its a quick absorbing gel and leaves no oily feeling. My skin glows the thank you.

Just Herbs Frugel |

How I use it: simple as it is, I cleanse my skin and use it to massage in for 4-5 min. Simple. It stays good for even the harsh Delhi winters.

Just Herbs Frugel |

The consistency is amazing and I feel its a steal at INR 345 for 100g. You can find it here.

Just Herbs Frugel |

Just Herbs Frugel |

My Verdict: Repurchase written all over!! 5/5

Hope you guys enjoyed the read. So long till the next post.

Much Love



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