Beauty Diet by Shonali Saberwal- Book Review

Hey Lovelies,

As Promised I’m here with the review of my beauty diet book. The actual diet review will be a long process and takes time. This review itself took me a lot of time and patience to jot down. I can see myself changing from the start of the book to the end. I have even started taking spirulina tablets daily.


A little about the author itself makes you understand that this is a no- nonsense book that is filled with secrets of that glowing skin and healthy lifestyle. Shonali Saberwal is a famous Bollywood macro-nutritionist. Her Clients including Katrina Kaif, Neha Dhupia, Jacqueline Fernandez are good proofs her solutions work!

The book in a nutshell is a complete lifestyle change. Good and healthy skin and body does not come with any crash diet or any amount of products that you lather and layer up on your body. We’ve all heard our mommies mutter ‘Beauty come from within’ and ‘You are what you eat’ while they load our plates with veggies and grams that we so detested. Seems like they all were true. They realized it late and wanted to impart that knowledge to you before it’s too late.

One interesting info that I learned was that, no fast diet can actually detox your body. Nothing is Quick! Healthy body requires a lifestyle change. It takes 10 days for all our WBC to be replaced and 4 months for all our RBC. This time is the minimum of a detox that is completely effective.

The book basically focuses on:

1. Understanding the make-up of your food and its energy levels

2. What to eat/not to eat- and why?

3. How what we eat changes us.

There are few Important points I learned from the book. Some even shocking. I’m jotting down a few.

– Energy levels of Food (Yin & Yang) and how a perfect balance is required. This extends to even the way each is cooked(YES! Cooking methods decide the energy level – again Yin & Yang). Adding a few quick snaps on how:


– How BAD BAD is Dairy for your body(This one is shocker!). I am heavily intolerant (not medically mentally) towards dairy products from my childhood and have often been ridiculed for it. After reading how harmful it is to the adult body, I silently smile at all the people who tried pushing me into loving dairy. You guys need to read the book to really know how you needn’t have milk after your childhood. Shine was in a shock after this discovery. (He loves all stuff dairy -milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yoghurt).

-How Sugar is an evil killer and its present everywhere!(So many sources I wasn’t aware of!)

-Understanding the fat you consume – cooking oils. I always wanted to have a clear understanding on this topic as to what are the fats that can do harm and what are good. My concepts were tossed upside down. All the normal routine way of cooking suddenly felt wrong and I understood where we are going wrong with fats.

– Animal Proteins & misconceptions about it.

– I learned a whole lot of must eat stuff- brown rice, greens, sprouts, veggies, fermented food(to aid healthy bacteria in body). A snapshot of how your mealtime should look like:


– What are living foods and how the gut & what we eat control our moods and mental status.

-How to stimulate each organ of our body with each flavour.

Trust me on this, you try the diets or not, This book is a must-read. the principles stick on to you.

Hope you see changes in yourself.

Much Love



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