Valentines Gift Ideas Under INR 2000

Hey Loves!

Valentines Day is almost here!! Im not really all-into the Vanity of a day-for-love idea. This doesn’t stop me from having a day to celebrate Love, Life & Health! Who doesn’t like to be loved, gifted and held close to heart? Thanks to my partner, every day (well almost!) has been a special day since a year!! Love that guy to bits!

So, Lets get practical- no excuse in gifting!! The whole concept of Santa was inventing form the basic human need of appreciation. So let’s go ahead and show each other some appreciation- without drilling holes in our pocket. Got you some wonderful ideas and DIY to try for Valentines. Whats better? I have classified to the character of  I have classified it Go ahead and have a lovely day!

Idea No 1: Quirky Fun Lover

Chumbak has some real amazing Collection when it comes to Quirky and fun Partner Gifts. You can get these amazing Gift Hampers and surprise your partner. I love the colors and the doodles.


Look how cute these pair elephants look on the cushion & iphone case._s0c7029-edit18_3_2

I cant think beyond these quirky heels.beige-021sw-wearmates-7-400x400-imaeytyjjvhwdbwv

Idea No 2: The Sweetheart Lover

The soft romantic kind is what your partner is? I’ve got you covered on this. The gestures are more important here. Put in an effort. You getting them something, attach a personal note along. Plan a surprise date. They enjoy these small joys of life. My picks for this kind of partner is:

d3 (1) d3


Idea No 3: The Drink Lover

Ah! We all love our Drinks. When your Partner takes drinks serious, you need to gift them something equally good. Found some amazing fun stuff they will love!



This Poster will win you Brownie Points!!


Look at this awesome shot glass holders.


Idea No 4: The Foodie Lover

Your Lover loves Cooking? Or just plain eating? That sounds Good… That’s good cuz here are some fun stuff to gift:

What better way to get In-tea-mate!!


I love love this Egg Cup


Idea No 6: The DIY Bug

This one if foe the people who love DIY and personalized gifts. You may wanna checkout the Explosion Box I made. That would make a lovely gift.

Some of my favorite Pins are here:


Get some raisins, nuts, candies and label it up.


Try these “Open-When” cards with love letters:


That’s all for now. Hope you guys have a wonderful Valentines gifting. Let me know if you tried some.

Much Love



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