My Best Summer – Travel Journal (St.Ives)

Hey my lovely Readers!!

How have you guys been? Winters are just not going away huh?? Makes me crave for a good summer, preferably near the beach. Ahhh… I’m sure you all crave this. I was shifting through my old pics. Loads and loads of GB of pics cluttering and choking my laptop memory! I’m thoroughly impressed how neatly and painfully I have arranged all (read as most) of them in neat folders with names and dates. Good Work!!

I stumbled on the folder of my Summer 2011. That was by far the best summer I had and the best vacation I had. I traveled to my favorite destination twice in the same week!! The place was the southern tip of Britain called St.Ives in Cornwall. Beautiful steep hills and exotic beaches, no network coverage and lot of local food. Seagulls flying around and some of the best seafood in Britain. Every picture seemed like a desktop wallpaper. It was peace, calm and love.

uk_stives_cambridgeshire |

St Ives is a seaside town, civil parish and port in Cornwall. Took us hell lot planning and a long 6-7 hour drive to Cornwall from Coventry. It was worth every effort. People were surfing for as long as 11 in the night. The days are longer in Summers and this is what a typical 10 PM Looks like.

St.Ives |

The open theater with a breathtaking view of endless beach shores. There I’m taking those steep steps down to have a better view.

St.Ives |

Just Look at the Turquoise blue waters and the perfect climate. There were numerous beaches- some calm and some just bustling with energy!

St.Ives | mitzitup.comSt.Ives |

The french friend we met holding a dead crab…

St.Ives |

We went over to the Lands-end too. Look at the Cliff, This precisely is the southernmost tip.

St.Ives |

Some lovely summer flowers

St.Ives |

We had some real deal food too…. was exotic!! The Seafood Cafe was a Delightful Find where you can choose your fish, and chose how to cook it. Choose your sauce: Hollandaise – wholegrain mustard – roasted pepper & olive salsa – mango, chilli & kaffir lime – asian spiced thai – garlic & caper brown butter Then your potatoes- again chips or mashed. And they serve it up!

St.Ives |

The next day we went to Ocean Grill. The food was exotic! Not exactly Budget friendly though. Still, worth every bit!! The lobsters were mind-blowing!

St.Ives |

St.Ives |

I had a good relaxed vacation with lot of lovely memories… Ah! How I miss being there right now!!

St.Ives |

This was a last minute Outfit Plan and would you believe I cut out this cover up tee from a larger t-shirt I had?

St.Ives |

And yes! How can we miss out the ‘Friendly’ Seagulls!! They were a delight to see…

St.Ives |

Pro tip: If you’re visiting Cornwall, keep an eye on your chips!

Hope to go back soon… Tell me if any of my readers have been to Cornwall or St.Ives. I’d love to hear. See you with a new post soon.

Much Love



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