No Low Brow Business!!

Hey my Lovelies!!

Most of my readers know my obsession over perfect brows. I cant help but stress the importance of perfect brows for your face. It really makes or breaks the look. Not many people can pull off a wild brow- so unless you fall under the wild-child category, lets spare the world our brows and get out in perfect ones?

Recently, I have been off the perfect- brow concept for the sheer reason to go au-natural(well almost). I have full & long brows needing very less maintenance, giving me the liberty of going plain once a while.

Lets start off from the basics. Why is it important?? Just look at the image below and you will clearly get a picture what difference it does to your face.


Not only for the spare growth, even for a full browed beauty, a little taming will give a definition to the face. I have a full shaped eyebrow and rarely need to line them up, still I prefer to shape them accordingly.

Now, I know there are many ways to get them into the perfect shape- tweezing, waxing, threading. I personally prefer the threading as it gives a more precise finish and more control over the shape.

I love this Instruction Post from Keiko Lynn on perfect brows:


Do you know that you can gradually train your brows into shape, just the way the hair growth reduces after regular waxing? Have a look at this poster I found from


I was skeptical about this at first too. But doing this for a month has really made a difference in my brow arch. I feel it is more defined now. You should definitely give it a shot. Do this trick whenever you feel like. In the morning, in office, before heading out, after shower, whenever.It works like a charm!

Now the tools to get a perfect Brow till we train them to be so (Available in India):

As I told you, I use threading to get my brows to shape, but if you are into tweezing, you may prefer this

colorbar_wow_brows_slant_tip_tweezer_1 Capture

Apart from this, the stuff you really need for filling the Brows are available in Indian Market.

closeup_3b6eb565dc7c47bbbb542609a1a308a3dca9e132_1418799412_LU_PerfectBrowsToolKit1 closeup_72a2d0ff12c76b73d505d7cbba68e8a66362eb10_1416193242_WW_ULTIMATE_20BROWKIT_E963_WEB 312oRn9nhiL._SX425_

My eyebrow Routine when I want awesome pawsome Eyebrows:

Step 1: Prep & Primer

This one is the game changer here. This creates a clear canvas for your brows to actually stand out. I use my regular gel moisturizer from Just Herbs for prepping as I moisturize my face overall with it. I use a Urban Decay Matte finish Eye shadow primer. I couldn’t bother using a different primer for my Brows & eyelids. This baby does the work for me and sets matte on my lids. I take the help of my White pencil Contour liner from Maybelline to give the brows some extra brightness.

Step 2: Define End points

Now, This is a method good for me, as I am blessed with full Brows. I just need to determine where to start, arch & End- fill it the places it is not even. For the beauties who have very little eyebrows, you need to elaborate this step as the image above

. You need to find your start point, your arch and your end point. The one straight up you nostrils is your start point. Your arch comes at 45 degree angle from the same point and goes through your Iris. You end point falls at the line from the same point through the end tip of your eye.The image below will help you have a clear understanding.


Then you need to line below your brow, gentle and subtle. You need to line your upper brow as well. Use a makeup brush or a sharp eyebrow definer pencil. Take extra caution not to draw harsh lines. Fine lines that resemble hair is good enough.

Take good care that you do not use a very dark shade on your brows. Lighter browns go well with Indian skin. a darker shade will age your face.To soften your features and enhance your eye color (especially brown eyes), choose an eyebrow pencil one to two shades lighter than your hair color.

Step 3: Fill In & Blend

This one is the skill you will learn with practice. Use a ear-bud or a eyebrow blender brush to blend the lines. Take special care not to blend it outside the lines. Blend it even and till it looks natural.

Step 4: Eyebrow Gel/ Clear Mascara

This last step sets your brows in place and gives you that look all day long. You can use a Eyebrow gel as I have given above. I have found that a clear-coat mascara works fine too. Take care not to clump your brows or you will look fake. The point is to keep it au-natural.

Hope You guys Enjoyed the post and found it useful. Let me know if you use any other method.

You can follow me on Instagram @mitzitup. Put up your perfect brows with #mitzitup and I’d like to see them all. Hit Follow if you love the post and I shall be putting a new post soon.

Much Love



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