Product Review- Sattvik Organic Anti- Tan Range

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Came back from Vacation with a terrible fever. Been down for a few days and getting painful injections every day. Just when I was sulking at home, look what Sattvik send me over post!! You guys already know I am a digger for Organic products – Food & Cosmetics. Sattvik Organics is an Indian Organic Cosmetic Brand that is 100% vegetarian & cruelty-free.

Sattvik Tan Removal Combo

I am reviewing this Sun Ban Tan Removal Cream first. It has the goodness of Saffron & turmeric. It claims to remove epidermal sun tan to enhance complexion and even out the tone. It also claims to prevent any further damage.

Sun Ban |

It comes in such a Gorgeous lil Packaging. I’m so done with the shiny glossy tubs of cream, the surreal matte finish label & tub was a welcome change. It felt real & natural.

Sun Ban Sattvik Organics |

Opening the package, the creams strong fragrance takes you over. If you have allergy to fragranced creams, you are at a big loss here- cuz this product is amazing! It has a light, fluffy texture that glides on thick when applied.

Sun Ban Sattvik Organics |

I could barely wait to try on this product. After all the vacation & fever frenzy, I had hell lot of tanning & dead cells to get rid of. I applied it on for about 20-30 minutes. The results were visible from the first use itself. They recommend to use it daily, especially at evening. The natural ingredients in it, makes your skin soft, moisturized and glowy. I think I have found an addition to my summer must-have list already!

Sun Ban Sattvik Organics  |

Price: INR 199 for 40g


Wash the sun exposed body parts after return back in day/ evening.

Apply the cream gently.

Wash it off after 10-15 minutes.

Use every day after sun exposure.


Jal(Aqua), Mineral Oil, Glycerin,Badam Tel, Til Tel, Ghritkumari Satva, Haldi Tel, Vitamin C, Kesar Satva, Suhaga, Santrkatel, Nimboo Tel, Lavender Oil, Chandan Oil

The second review is Saffron Care Mattifying Day Cream with PA+++UVA, SPF30 UVB. Now that is some kick ass sunscreen!! I usually do not prefer the usual sunscreens in market, as they leave the face oily and greasy. Delhi summers are pretty torturous enough to have greasy face as an addition. I loved the fact that this has a unique zero oil formulation.

Saffron Care Sattvik Organics |

The matte effect doesn’t seem to be matte enough for me. It is not a gel consistency and tends to be a lil oily. So I would call it a medium- matte effect. I would prefer it with a loose powder if I must. Did I tell you, I’m in love with the gorgeous macaroon-like smell of this cream?

Saffron Care Sattvik Organics |

The cream has anti-oxidant properties to protect, moisturise & nourish skin cells. Enriched with plant extracts and natural SPF 30, the cream has everything to look forward to this summer. Used regularly, I’m sure this cream would give excellent results.

Saffron Care Sattvik Organics | mitzitup.comSaffron Care Sattvik Organics |

Price: INR 199 for 40g


In the morning/ day time, after wash, apply the cream gently.

Wash it off in the evening.


Demineralised water, Mineral Oil, Prunusamygdalus Oil, Bees wax, TriticumVulgare, Prunusarmeniaca, citrus aurantium, crocus sativus, Aloe barbadensis extract, Vitamin E, Azadirectsindica, Perfume

Link to Buy:

sb-inr sc-rc-inr


I love my readers so much, I have partnered with Sattvik Organic to get you guys a 10% discount across the page. All you need to do is when you order through my page use the voucher code sattvik0186 . This is valid till June 30, 2015. So, Happy Shopping Lovelies!!

Hope you Enjoyed my Review. See ya soon with a new post

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