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Any Dress wont do!!


Any of my readers gonna be a bride soon?? This one is for you ladies!! Indian weddings are a celebration isnt it? When I was a bride-to-be, I was nervous as hell. I did not have many people to tell me what was right and not. Nobody to tell me where to get what, do what and avoid what. I had my trial & error. I learned from it too. Today let me tell you how my engagement gown was born. Yes! It was a long and painful task! Maybe I put in more effort on my engagement gown than my wedding sari. So, my gown was born!!

It all began when I met this sweet lil boy who radiates happiness in his smile! He changed my world in a few days and before we knew, our family was getting ready for the big grand engagement! Guess our parents were relieved we found each other and just wanted to seal the deal real quick!! Now, every bride-to-be faces this day- her engagement! Now let me tell you something- your first thought is not going to be how much you love this man( In fact you only start thinking about it after your marriage!) Admit it girls, we all think more about what do I wear? How do I look? Is my makeup alright? We are self-obsessed darlings! Lets take a moment to be proud of that shall we?

My first thought- what do I wear? I did not want to wear any other sari or lehenga and get engaged. I wanted something that was personal. I wanted something I could relate to. A perfect blend of Indian and western outfit. I had my engagement in Kerala and its pretty difficult to get a designer wear out there. After weeks of internet search, I decided I will built my outfit!! Taking inspiration from weddingsutra page on facebook, I found this amazing design by Kamaali Conture. Getting it all the way from Noida was impossible for me. I decided to built it.

Engagement Dress Inspiration |

The light flowy movement of the garment gives it a girly romantic feel. There’s something very princess like about Kamaali Couture’s gowns. Here is the back view:

Engagement Dress Inspiration |

Sourced the materials from markets in Delhi through my sister who was studying there. I cannot thank her enough for going out at 45 degree celcius to get my perfect gown in the perfect color. Co-ordinating it all via phone and whatsapp was my task-in-hand. In a few days, all the materials for my perfect gown was home. I still remember staring at it for a long 10 minutes trying to picture how it will look. I knew exactly what I wanted from the design and what I did not.

Went over to a lovely lady Haseena who runs a pretty lil boutique called Lovely Queen. She sat with me and understood what exactly was my requirement and saw the materials I had got. She added a few more additions to the design and got me a perfect theme for the entire outfit. I remember being very fascinated by peacocks all my life. I guess it began the day my mom decided to show me her old photo album. She was a talented dancer and she had done a dance in the costume of a peacock that opens during the dance to show the colorful wings. A little girl got inspired that day. I wanted to get that fascination onto my outfit.

Opting for less drama, I wanted no duppatta (The pice of cloth around her hand) for the gown. I did not want the dress to have this lot of work too. I had a clear picture of how it should look.

In a few weeks, Haseena called me in for trial of the outfit. I still remember standing there missing a heartbeat looking at the beautiful gown! After a little changes and fixes, my dress was ready for the day! A very nervous engagement day. Nobody had seen what I was going to wear. Everyone was waiting to see the big surprise I had for them. My mom came into the room where I was getting dressed, and seeing me in that gown, she stood there with a gasp! Little did she know it was the same gasp I had, watching her in that peacock dance costume years ago! Yes, my engagement dress was a little girls fantasy to grow up like her mom. I’ve never told her this!

This was what it looked like:

Engagement Gown |

That is my darling. Doesn’t her look say it all?

Engagement Gown |

Some fine details: The kundan jewellery and the red pumps I love so much!

Red Pumps|

Engagement Gown |

It is such a happy blush-coral color!!

Engagement Gown |

And I kept swirling round and round in happiness!

Engagement Gown |

Thank you Varun for the pics.

So, Girls! Any dress wont do! Get the one that is in your mind!

Keep it gorgeous!

Much Love