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Doodling it Up…

Heyya Folks!

Have you ever realized you had a talent way later in your life and you go all like:

All my childhood, I had been thinking I was terrible at drawing and painting. I genuinely felt inferior when I saw those beautiful paintings my cousin made with such ease. Painting Contests were a dread! I had to participate, cuz everybody else was, and I knew I sucked!


I sit there drawing pathetic figures with no resemblance to anything I wanted to paint, when my cousins go splashing beautiful colors with the perfect shading and blending creating pictures that almost looked real! Ahhhhh…. I left paints then and there.

I was always good at writing. Not till I grew up into my 20’s that I realized I had a creative flair in doodling. I did not even sure I knew it was called doodling!! For me it was scribbling- In a pretty manner.  I thought nobody liked these kind of stuff. Never have I considered it an appreciated art form too.


Then I started keeping a Journal and writing and drawing stuff. Pouring my heart out. Taking time doing the pretty patterns. I had a lot of free time in hand.


I started loving the way I could express myself through these. It felt refreshing. Soon I discovered my Talent! My Journal filled with these tiny nothings that gave me so much happiness.


I love my minions, and love them more when I draw a personalized one for my then-pregnant friend. Then again one for my lil niece. Doodling was turning fun.


I journaled about this fun version of cooking Prawn Balti too. Bonus: You get to try my Prawn Balti recipe. Sorry for the shitty handwriting!!


And my favorite restaurant in town!


It so much of relief to know you do have some talent in you that you denied all your life! I wish I could keep writing my Journal forever and sticking and plucking stuff for it. A full-time job and my lovely Blog keeps me busy all the time. Random doodling does happen once in a while now though.


Life is all about getting to know stuff right? More Importantly getting to know yourself. Go explore Yourself!! Tell me what skill do you have and when did you find out you had it? I’d love to hear.

Much Love