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Geeky Granny Pants on the Roll

Hey Lovelies!

Lets talk about pants! Yes, somebody has to! Not long ago, in India, there were very little options for good Lingerie. The last few years have been awesome! Now we get everything from push- up bras to sexy lace thongs right at a click! We have seen La Senza come to India and M&S bring in their wonderful comfort range to India. Websites like Zivame and Prettysecrets have redefined the way an India woman looks at Lingerie. I no longer need to get Lingerie from UK and USA. Yay!!!

When you have abundance of options, we all tend to think about that one basic thing- Comfort! When it comes to Lingerie- Oh! Boy, Comfort is THE important factor! Remember those times we just started wearing those sexy lacey Lingerie? We felt like sex goddesses walking around. You confidence levels sky rocketed for no reason! Yes- Good Lingerie can do that to your mood! We soon found that these sexy pants don’t come with the comfort tag line! Then comes the real deal- they wear out pretty fast with continuous wash! Now, you cant go dry- clean your undies can you? So you start saving your lace underwear and your fancy thongs for special occasions: Nights where you’re going out on a date, or days spent alone with your partner.

What about the other days? We give a sigh of relief and crawl into the comfort & trust of granny pants! Those have been the last-resort pants for a very long time- reserved for the periods days or the laundry days. We had a reason too. They never came in good designs. Well, things have changed. Granny pants have hit the market with all the might- in all the fashion and styles you needed. I wonder what took the Lingerie companies this long to analyse customer comfort? It is that comfort you get when you lazy around your house in one of those loose T-shirts and don’t give the world a damn! Lets admit how comfortable having a full-back covered underwear gives! Bum Bliss!!

Granny Pants Trend |

Fashion has evolved a lot now and yes, comfort is the fashion right now. Retro is being celebrated in a big way! Sexy is a feeling and not the clothes anymore. Women now do not hush away from buying good Lingerie. We know why we need push up bras and plunge necks! We are confident and empowered!

Granny Pants Trend |

We are seeing Granny pants trend being worn as outerwear. This trend is currently taking the fashion scene bang on! From swim wears to party wears- Granny pants are here to stay! Now, what’s latest in the Granny pants trend? Geeky Kinky Granny Pants- cuz why not? There is one Etsy boutique that is taking the term “sexy granny panties” to a whole new level. One look at these stuff from Bullets and Bees, you will cringe to have one right away!

Priced ranging from as less as $27, get your hand on these now!  Aside from having Ryan Gosling and cats over your lady bits (yaaas), the best part of these panties is that they are custom made. That’s right, these panties are made specifically for youthere are no sizes to chose from. When placing your order at the shop, simply provide Pugh with your hip measurements, and she’ll make them accordingly.

Bullets and Bees Granny Pants | mitzitup.comBullets and Bees Granny Pants |

For now, Etsy doesn’t operate in India (I wonder why we don’t have an alternative!). That doesn’t mean we don’t get them!(what are credit cards for??) Yet, why don’t the Indian companies take some lessons on how it is done and get some sassiness on those granny pants! Fashion- you wonderful bitch!

For now, all we do is wait for this trend to set foot in India!

Will be back with more Darlings!

Much Love