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Work it in Style

Hi There!

Summers are here and out comes the shorts and skirts. No excuse for not having the summer body. I have started off with my workout and hope to see some good results soon. I shall keep you guys updated on that!

Now, when we work out, we work out in style- don’t we. I┬áhave picked out some of seasons favorite workout collections today. As usual, I shall link you up where to get them too!! Happy work out lovelies!!

We love all stuff gradient. There is nothing more interesting than cosmic prints too! When they combine- they give you the power for a kick ass style in your workout session.

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We need some Pink Inspirations too!

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Some Black inspiration- yes we all want to look slim too!

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Are these stuff amazing or not?

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We all can do some little weight training and skipping. Look at these cool stuff!


This awesome skipping rope not only counts the calories you have lost, but also says it aloud! We sure love that!!


Hope you have been inspired! Get your gear and get out to work it doll!

Much Love