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Product Review- Johnson’s Face Care Cleansing Wipes

More Review from the lovely Namita…

Heylooo beautiful ladies!

Today marks the first day of my online product review creations at office (Will continue till they fire me for this 😉 )and I thought I’ll start with one of my favorite product – Johnson’s Face Care Cleansing Wipes!

I am the laziest when it comes to make up and always look for quick ways to apply/ remove make up. I have been using Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion for a while. Though I love how quick it works, the formula was a little too strong for my skin. At wit’s end I bumped into Johnson’s facial wipes at Carrefour and I’m so happy I did

Here is how it looks, comes in their statement Pink pack. Such a gentle color, isn’t it?


And the Ingredients List:


What Johnson & Johnson claims :

Enriched with essential, skin loving minerals and vitamins, our wipes gently sweep away makeup and impurities whilst caring for normal skin. Skin is cleansed, soft and refreshed. Dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin.

Now, what I feel:


Package : Comes in a travel friendly package of 25 wipes, compact and also has a re-sealable flap so it does not dry out. Perfectly fits my handbag!

Quality: Johnson & Johnson sticks to their promise of “Quality Guarantee”. I can promise you this is no low standard stuff. Feels great on the skin! No break-outs, very gentle.

Overall Verdict : I absolutely love how gentle it feels on my skin. It’s quite oily/sticky as you use it but soon dries out to a semi-matte feeling, which is good as it does not makes the skin dry.

However I’m not very happy with the cleansing effect. Sure it removes most of the makeup but does not make the skin squeaky clean. How I found out? With my HG cleanser – Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion!! (Review coming soon) I tried this after using Johnson wipes and it left my cotton swab brown!

It never broke me out, so I use this as a refreshing wipe when I need to, not as a cleanser-wipe really! I highly doubt if this will work for oily skin as it leaves a thin lotion-y film on the skin.

Price: About £3.05/ roughly INR 300

Will I repurchase? Yes I will, to use on days I use very light/no makeup.

So long,

Namita Menon