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March Favorites – My Ultimate Pampering List

Hey Lovelies!

Time sure does fly by! Its March already and Mother nature has been mild on us this year. The weather is pleasantly windy. I sure don’t miss the nasty dry summers of Delhi. I just hope and pray this weather would go on forever. Happy St.Patricks Day to all my Irish Friends!! Hope you find your pot of gold!

Got my hands on a good print of Annabelle and it was shit scary!! I’m glad I watched it mid- afternoon. Watched ‘NH 10’ as well and that is scary on a whole different level. Has anybody watched it? I have also been spending my free time reading a lot of books. I am almost done with my Fifty Shades Triology. I now wish I had not attempted it!!(Groan…). Doing some good reading with a thriller adventure novel named ‘Mahabharata Secret’.

I wanted to do a post on my current Favorite Products and got my hand around on this just today. I have too many to share but yeah narrowed it down to my favorite pamper products of March. Indulgent & pampered- that’s my March.

March Favorites |mitzitup.com

I love this acne mask by Organic Therapie. Creamy and yet light enough to apply. I have very little acne marks, so I don’t know how this product works for people with heavy acne. I love it for the texture and the moisturized feeling it gives. This mask is pretty affordable and does what it claims. Priced at INR 249, its available online.

Organic Therapie Insta Clear Acne Mask | mitzitup.com Organic Therapie Insta Clear Acne Mask | mitzitup.com
No Pampering is ever done without the luxurious shower creme from Dove. I love this Shea butter Dove Shower creme. It lathers up so well and leaves your skin super soft with a light fragrance. The fragrance lingers on till mid day and I’ve got real good compliments for this. So, Definitely my favo for March list had to include this big bottle. Priced at around INR 900, its available online in links below.

Dove Shea Butter Shower Cream | mitzitup.com

My hair needs the TLC too. All the harsh winters and windy weather does take a toll on them. Getting prepped for the damn bad summers in April. I have almost given up using conditioner on my hair after this tub of Hair spa creme happened to me. I use it instead of conditioner on regular washes. For some extra pampering, I use an ample amount and cover my hair in a shower cap to leave it on for an hour or so. It makes my hair super shiny glossy! Priced at around INR 835, Its my genie in a bottle!

L'Oreal Hair Spa | mitzitup.com

Taking pampering to next level is my skin cleansing system from Olay. I had reviewed this in an earlier post and I know you guys loved it. You can go check it out here if you missed it. How can I leave out that awesome machine from my favourite list? Added in the two brush pack too. I love this so much, I wanna give it a big hug. My skin feels awesome. Again, I use it twice or thrice a week.

Olay Cleansing system | mitzitup.com

Olay Cleansing system | mitzitup.com

The Ultimate Pampering list cant do without my favorite massage oils from Kronokare. It comes in the best names I would want. On days that I need some relaxation and calmness, I torture my partner for a shoulder massage with the ‘Fabulous Fuel Energising Massage Oil’. The citrus flavor fills the air and I’m lost for words. Ahh!!

Kronocare Massage Oil | mitzitup.com

Now some days, are the grumpy ones. Bad-day-at-work-so-keep-away kinda days, all I need is a massage and sleep. I use this lil bottle named ‘Seriously Stress Busting Relaxing Massage Oil’. God Send!!! Combining the soothing properties of grapefruit, bergamot and citrus, our seriously stress busting relaxing massage oil is made to combat stress and let you truly unwind.

I have taken a serious liking towards the Urban Decay Eyelid primer. It smoothens out the eye lids and I see the eye shadow staying for longer. It is the one most perfect thing you can get for your eye makeup. This one is a kit with travel size samples of four of the primers- Original, Eden, Sin & Anti Aging. I have used Original & Eden. Loving Eden over the other though.

UD Eyelid Primer |mitzitup.com

Urban Decay Eyelid primer | mitzitup.com

Finally, my March favorites list end with a Glitter polish in the most perfect color- Glitterati Pearl Crush 78. It has amazing staying power and the color is just heavenly!! so Vintage, yet so Chic. Got this from New U at a bargain of INR 75.

New U Glitter Nailpolish  | mitzitup.com

To Purchase these for yourself: Click on them!

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That’s All from me for now. Hope you loved my March favorites. Drop me a message if you do.

Much Love