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Winter Blues- How to Style an Oversize Sweater

Hey Lovelies,

I have been getting so many compliments for the Over-sized ‘pin’ Sweater I paired in an earlier OOTD. This inspired me to do start a new category of posts on how-to-style. first in the category is of course how to style those Oversize sweaters. Yes, we all have them in a corner of our closets. You feel they are too baggy to wear, or you may end up looking fat wearing them. It’s one tricky piece of clothing I agree- but when paired correct, it can be your comfy fashion staple. So I’ll try to put together few looks you can recreate this winter easily with those oversize sweaters.

The Key here is to strike a Balance. You can’t really walk around wearing an oversize upper and a baggy lowers -unless you wanna look like an Indian Tent. We strike the balance by keeping the lower half as skinny and as body shaped as possible. We all have seen the daring Fashionistas go ahead and pair it with absolutely anything. If you are in mood for some daring, I shall give you ideas at the end of this post. Keep Reading.

Pair Up:

1. Skinny Jeans/ Leggings

This is the staple style you can pair the Over-sized sweaters with. This makes sure your lower half accentuates your body shape and you don’t end up looking like a shapeless balloon.

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

You can always team a plain sweater with a printed leggings that are readily available in market nowadays – like this.

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

2. A Pencil Skirt/ Midi Skirt

Now if you are the skirt kinda girl, or you want to try something new with your sweaters, team it with those pencil skirts you have. even better if you decide to get those minis to use. Showing your legs totally depends how chill the weather is.

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

The oversized sweaters are ideal for layered dressing, so it's worth that you have at least three in your closet. | mitzitup.com

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

You can always add up accessories to pep up the outfit. I shall discuss this soon.

3. Button Ups / Collared Shirts

You can team up your sweaters with any Button Ups to give a dash of color or even keep you warm enough. You can play with the Collar styles and Colors to give the style your personal touch.

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

This, to me, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the whole outfit. You can work with your footwear to make it dressy or casual. I’d go for an elegant pumps any day.

4. Full-sleeve T-shirts

You can keep yourself pretty warm by pairing a full-sleeve t-shirt in a solid color with the sweater. this is particularly useful if your sweater is not full sleeve. You can also dress up and play up with the T-shirt color and pattern. You can even team a tank top and give it a peek at your shoulders.

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

Now Comes the Accessorizing part I told. Oh how I love this. You may decide to pair it up with your skinny jeans and just walk out, but Hey! Wait! No Outfit is complete without some accessories to dang em’ up, Isn’t it?

1. Belt- I particularly Love this look.

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

Zara Black Belted Oversize Sweater| mitzitup.com

2. Statement Neck pieces – Mix and match to your satisfaction.  NOTHING is Over-the-board. go ahead and explore em’ all.

Casual oversized sweater shirt and necklace | mitzitup.com

3. Chunky Scarf- I like em’ warm, I like em’ chunky. (Reminds me of Moto Moto in Madagascar 2)

Oversized knit scarf with a oversized sweater and riding boots | mitzitup.com

Chunky scarf, sweater, torn jeans and ankle boots! Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

4. High boots – you like em’ till your calves or your thighs, you can’t help loving them. Adorable stuff they are. Sexy too.

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

5. Pin up Bun- The forever Messy ladies – take notes. This hairstyle rocks with the Oversized sweaters. Keeps your face de-cluttered and sleek.

cable knit sweater with the white collared shirt and bun  | mitzitup.com

Cute Outfit With Black Pants And Loafers Plus Grey Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

6. Beanies- Yaeeee…. Who said lazy girls need to show hair. Beanies are here. Oh I love wearin’ them myself.

Beanie and an oversized sweater with long platinum blonde waves.

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

SO, now that we have Danged up the Outfit and accessorized it pretty chic- Lets get out and show the world.

For the Daring fashionistas, You can try a few more options

1. Pair with a Maxi dress/ Maxi Skirt

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

2. Boyfriend Jeans & Heels

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

3. Summer Dress- Putting good use to those summer dresses. Who said we need different summer and winter wardrobes?

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

Oversized Sweater | mitzitup.com

4. Off Shoulder divas

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

To recreate these looks, you can raid these sites for your piece. Koovs have one of the best collection this winter- check it out here.  Styletag has some real dapper pieces here and here by Cultism by Drape in Vogue.

That’s all from me for now. Hope you guys enjoyed the post and would try out the styles. You can put them up on Instagram and add #mitzitup with it. I’d love to see and like all your styles. Here is a little something from me to add up to the post. An Office style with a folded sweater and a Button Up. I have added a belt to give it an edge and the boots with detail to keep me warm & peppy.

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

Oversize Sweater | mitzitup.com

Outfit Details:

Button Ups: M&S UK Petite Collections

Sweater: Shoppers Stop

Belt: (Old) Shoppers Stop

Trousers: BHS

Boots: Found while Thrifting in CP, New Delhi

Oh! In between, a Week to Christmas ya’ll. I have got requests to do the Christmas posts already. Let me know what you guys love. The posts are coming up soon.

Much Love