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Detox Diet Review

I’ve been thinking on a Detox diet for so long. Simply couldn’t convince myself into it. The Festive season and Travel has really kicks in some real bad-ass stuff in my system and I was dying to go for a system clearing. Somehow one fine morning I woke up determined to do something that I’ve been postponing. Apart from my cardio which has been on a pause button for so long, this detox diet was on the top of the list. I am in no way promoting a fad diet here and this is purely for detox. My motto would always be Eat at right time and Eat the right portions. I have never believed in stuffing yourself with food that you don’t really need.

From a long time, Fasting had been observed by most of the communities. These were masked into the religious aspect so that people would get their essential detoxification.The current fast lifestyle and the running around really gives little importance to religious fasts. So, these little detox diets really mean a lot. And this time, I’m determined to clean up my system before the winters set in.(Secretly, cuz I can peacefully go on the much awaited food trip to Chandni Chowk that Shine has been promising for near a year!!)

So I googled down the perfect do-able Detox plan, which don’t include any of the stuff that I can barely source in India or I have to go for a shopping spree to the Gourmet market in Gurgaon. I shall be giving the detail description of how it went below:

Day 1: Fruit Day

Now this one felt like fun. All the fruits I want to have in a day! Gorged on apples and oranges. I was craving for some melons though. I’m supposed to keep drinking water throughout this is the toxin flushing process. Try to mix up as much fruits as you can, not just the acidic ones, as this can cause a bad acidity. Thanks to the giant glasses of fresh fruit juice you get here, I dint have much trouble with the fruit day.

Day 2: Veggie Day

This was filling. I mean it. Real filling. I had a potato with some olive oil and salt for breakfast to keep the energy levels up all day. Prepared the most gorgeous salad for lunch and for dinner had a super-food soup with a spoon green grams in it. I did have my all veggie juice too. Thanks to the juice shop again doing customized juices for people at just INR 50 (That’s pretty awesome huh??).


Day 3: Fruit + Veggie Day

I absolutely felt no hunger and started adoring the salads that I made two salads for lunch today. I even started following some super healthy salad lovers on Instagram. For those interested, I love the stuff that salad_simplicity and greensyogatea has. I shall provide the links below. My heart pours out to the sweet salad I made for lunch that resembled kimchi with raw cabbage, apple and a spoonful raisins – dressed with apple cider vinegar, honey and a bit of my home-made sweet chilli sauce. Night was as usual a good tall glass of fresh fruit juice.

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Day 4: Banana + Dairy:

Full on high calorie day. It’s impossible to feel hungry or have any craving today- OK I lie. I can crave Gol Gappe any time!! Yea, so the day went pretty cool. I guess what they say is true, your food maketh you. I feel so humbled and grateful by the food I eat. When you thank the food you eat and be grateful for the food you are having, there is so much of positive energy that is being filled into the food. this will in-turn improve your health and mental status. This is a must try habit and you’ll be hooked on forever. now, I have a bad aversion to diary products- except a little bit of mature cheese maybe. And I was supposed to load up on Milk/ Yoghurt today for the Calcium intake. I limited myself to very little milk and by end of day ran to get a soy milk carton. Again Bananas are superfoods and I power packed it with honey and almonds. I feel Grateful and humbled today.




Day 5: Chicken & Veggies:

At last dome proteins…naaa Im excited for the chicken! (hardcore non-veggie I am). So yea today is my badass day! Grill chicken salad. Iv lately been so excited about my lunch. Now there is something I’ve not mentioned in any of the other days- the first thing I do when I wake up is drink a glass of warm water with apple cider vinegar and honey. I cant tell you how much healthy it is to have apple cider vinegar. That stuff is godsend. You don’t have a bottle? Own one now! This stuff is amazing! for your hair, skin, metabolism, what not! I don’t drink tea, coffee or milk so yea this is my morning wake-up drink. And it sure is very good. Approaching the end of the Detox and I find myself hooked to the morning salad- making session. I have ordered myself the much-talked about book ‘Beauty Diet by ‘the celebrity macrobiotic nutritionist Shonali Sabherwal and look forward to some good eating. shall do a review on that soon. I’m very excited.




Day 6: Chicken & More Veggies:

A weekend is here and Im sticking to the chicken and veggie diet. Eating clean feels good. No I don’t get cravings. No I don’t feel like im eating less. I am feeling fabulous though.

Day 7: Finishing Day

Feeling awesome. Loving eating clean. Feeling clean and fresh. This day was more of a Veggie Soup day. Finished off with lots of fruits too.


Im pretty sure to have lost a few weight in this process for the perks. My skin has a noticeable glow and I feel very healthy. You guys should try this once at least. Let me know how it went.

Much Love


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