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What’s in my Office makeup bag?

Hey Lovelies,

So, I’m back to office and I’m at this fag-end of the day, when you are counting minutes to go home. All your colleagues have left and you are alone in the entire floor cuz you came in late and you need to complete your time for the sake of the darned machine.(groan….) That is when a quick idea popped up. Do you guys want to know whats in my office makeup bag? I’m sure all of you have one of these taking up a precious space in your lovely bag. The goodies that are life savers and all time besties for you. The stuff that carry you through the day and keeps you sane.
Here is a sneak peek into what I carry around in my bag. I usually keep changing my makeup pouch- spoiled by Fab Bag Guys. Today I’m carrying my favo yellow one I got in October(I guess!!). They come so handy. I’m in love with Fab bag and their super cute bags. I needn’t say more about the products they get me each month. It’s all over the blog. Teeh teeh…

So yea… Lets see… Excuse the low lit photos- taken in a haste on my office table.; under that soul draining fluorescent light. I personally hate these bright white lights. I prefer soft yellow lights   that make you happy. Tell me your views on this???



Eye makeup rules my makeup bag I guess: too many stuff for the eyes.

I Love my Lakme instaliner. All that gel liner can never replace the freedom and precision this little magic wand has given me over the years. the proof? My flawless cat-eyes. I never go wrong with them. At INR 100 around, this little bottle takes me through the day and stays waterproof.

My best bet to open up any sleepy eyes is my L’Oreal White Contour Color Lift Eyeliner Eye Pencil in China White 172. l use this on my waterline or my nose bridge to give it a highlighting and draw attention.

The Lakme Eyeconic Pencil in Brown doubles up as a liner and a brow pencil. I use this to get my brows in shape and occasionally for some drama on my outer waterline. That lil trick does open up my eyes wide.

The NYX 903 Blue Roi is an eye/eyebrow pencil (I still don’t get why I would need blue eye brows!!!) Yea, this is my instant drama backup, in case I need to go somewhere right after office. This is my backup eye shadow.


The next Important things in my makeup bag is all about that pout. I cant part with my Nivea Chapstick. Lifeline…Lifeline… Lifeline…

I have fallen in love with my wine lips nowadays after I got the Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Liner in Hollywood Red 540. I was ALWAYS a Coral lips person. This baby got wine on my lips. Now I can’t have enough of this lovely. Sometimes I  even line my lips with this liner and Fill in with my favorite Colorbar 25M Two for Tango Matte lipstick. the results are Oh so Lovely!!

The NYX Lip Gloss in RLG19 Apricot is a subtle lip gloss that serves as my backup as I mentioned earlier. The color is a slight orangish that can serve as a light color in itself. With the lip colors I have, it enhances my lip well.

I have started keeping my Just Herbs moisturizer gel always in my bag for that instant glow and moisture lock.  The Paraben free Cheek color I got in the last Fab Bag gives a slight glowy pink to my cheeks, for the dressy evenings – again my backup product.

Now, the 3 hair pins are emergency hairdressing tools I carry. A quick fix for my hair when an emergency poof is required to stand up to the evening party drama. By now you guys have understood how much I’m prepared for an evening party! Yeeha… I almost forgot to tell you I carry my Sally Hansen Manicure Kit from Fab Bag to take care of any broken nail ends and shapes. I also make sure I have Sally Hansen Nailgrowth  Miracle and the current nail paint i don, always in a side pocket of my handbag. I told you I hate unkept nails.

So, that’s what I carry to office daily! Tell me what you carry to your office in your makeup bag. I’d love to hear!! So long Lovelies… Meet you with a new post soon.

Much Love