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Product Review- Just Herbs 6 step Organic Skincare

Hey Lovelies,

The October Fab Bag had some amazing products and I absolutely loved this one set of 6 step Organic Skincare samples. They almost look like full size. Amazing products!!! I wanted to try it for a week or two and then do the review, so here is the much awaited and much loved review of these amazing products.

Just Herbs Set | mitzitup.com

It comes in two sets- for Oily/Combination Skin or Normal/Dry Skin. I opted for the first one and I love their products. The best thing is that, these products get you to fall into a routine so effortlessly; you realize your skin is glowing in barely a week.The regime covers all the necessary steps involved in a typical beauty regime and does your skin so much of goodness with speciality products made with ECOCERT certified organic ingredients; none of which contain harsh cosmetic ingredients such as parabens, sulphates and mineral oil. The review here is my experience with these products. To get to know more and to buy these products, I have hyperlinked them to the website. Have a look and get what you love.

Step 1: Silksplash Neem Orange Rehydrant face wash (use daily)

I love this baby so much. Especially during these drying winters, this is perfect to clean your face, and yet feel hydrated and soft. The neem and orange smells wonderful, not being too strong as well.(I cant stand strong smells!!!) The aloe extracts in the facewash is something i love. Overall, i’d recommend this for the dry winter areas, and for those people who tend to get a dry skin.

Just Herbs Review | mitzitup.com

Just Herbs Review | mitzitup.com

Step 2: Livelyclean honey exfoliating face cleansing gel (use twice a week)

SCRUBS!!! I’ve always had an ON-OFF relation with scrubs for a long time. This was mainly foe the loss of a scrub that has no strong smell, doesn’t feel oily and doesn’t feel like an abrasive on my skin. This one product was God send for me. The consistency and smell are unlike any scrub you have ever used. It has a soft Ayurvedic smell of Tulsi/ Sandalwood in it. The honey in it really moisturizes you up along with the scrubbing. I would buy this product over and over again. Totally recommended. I shall show you how the consistency looks like.

Just Herbs Review | mitaitup.com

Just Herbs Review | mitzitup.com

Step3: Fagel Instant Glow All Purpose Beauty Gel  (use daily)

The Madder root & Holy Basil in this gel smells gorgeous. Shine really came up and asked me what cream have i started using, for the smell (He usually never notices the smell of the stuff I use!). This does moisturize you well, getting absorbed into the skin in seconds and making your skin happy. The claim on skin lightening, though feels like a long term effect and I cant claim on that yet. Overall, I cant decide if I love the smell more or the texture.

Just Herbs Fagel | mitzitup.com

Just Herbs Fagel | mitzitup.com

Step 4 : Fairever Milky White Protective Fairness Pack (twice a week)

I haven’t used this one much, just once. It did what it should be doing, getting the pores tight and help reduce a little oil. I really didn’t feel much more than that. The consistency is very thick, more like a thick paste. I would have mixed in a little more rose water. The claim of Protection and Milky white, just feel like marketing- or maybe a long term effect.

Just Herbs- Fairever Milky white fairness protective mask | mitzitup.com

Just Herbs- Fairever Milky white fairness protective mask | mitzitup.com

Step 5: No Sun Jojoba Wheatgerm Sun Protection Gel (daily)

This one is my favo among all these. The ONLY and the BEST sunscreen/sun protection I have ever used. It is not oily(It melts into your skin in minutes) and does what it claims to. It feels like a moisturizer and a sunscreen. You don’t feel burdened with the thickness, as i of a very light and gel consistency getting absorbed instantly. I would buy this over and over again!!

Just Herbs No Sun Sunscreen | mitzitup.com

Just Herbs No Sun Sunscreen | mitzitup.com

Step 6: Fair’e Mulethi Khus Skin Lightening Gel (daily at bed time)

The Mulethi- Khus mix is amazing for the skin that feels dry and worn out when you wake up. I started noticing the glow soon after I started using this regularly. It is a gel that is very good for your night time schedule. I generally never used to moisturize my skin in the night, in fear of breakouts. This product changed my outlook on night routine and I look forward to it every day.

Just Herbs Faire Mulethi Khus Skin lightening gel | mitzitup.com

Price: INR 595. Full sizes are priced at INR 1975 (I would recommend you try the ones that you love the most)

These lovely samples totally feels like full size products! I’m sure most of them would last me a month more.

Verdict: 4/5 star rating. The Organic and Ayurvedic part blew my mind.

Adore/ Ignore:  ADORE ADORE ADORE….

Hope you try out their products and check them out here.

Till the next post, you guys take care.

Much Love