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Healthy Foods that Fill not Just Tummy, but your Heart too…. (Requested Post)

Heyya Loves!

Now this one has been a much requested post by my readers. At the start of this blog, I never wanted to put up anything related to cooking and recipes here. But yeah, look where I am now! I do have a section of Health for all those goodie facts I do and come across related to health. So yes, this is a lil more detail and Longer post. My readers wanted the recipes of the salads. So yes! They get what they ask! Warming: I’m not real good at the Chef kinda recipe writing.

I shall put up a few of my healthy hearty salads here:

1. Healthy Kimchi style salad with Apple

Chop up half a cabbage. Peel & de-seed an apple and cut it up thin. toss in a dressing of some home-made sweet chilli sauce (a great recipe here by Not Quite Nigella)and a splash of apple cider vinegar. Throw in a handful raisins and let the salad sit in refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Serve chilled.

2. Hearty Khow Suey

I know that the traditional Khow Suey is rich and welcoming Burmese food. I tweaked it a little to welcome it into my healthy food category.

I got myself some wheat noodles that were real thin. You can use rice noodles if you please. Cook that in the normal boiling water & strain method. Stir fry some garlic cloves with some lovely veggies. I preferred cauliflowers, broccoli, carrot, Bell pepper & spring onion. Pour in a cup of fresh coconut milk. You can use the tinned version if you don’t have fresh. Cook for a good 5-6 minutes and pour over your noodles. I love this on a cold night!!

3. Grilled Chicken  with pomegranate salad

This one is pretty much as simple as it sounds! I rub the chicken breasts with salt & black  pepper and grill them up on a pan. Chop them out into a salad bowl. Add lime juice, A few greens – lettuce, Cabbage, Broccoli, Put in a spoon honey and a splash of apple cider vinegar.  Add pepper/salt if you please. Throw in a handful of pomegranate seeds. Voila. Have a fresh salad!

4. Glowing Breakfast

This one is my happy-day breakfast. It seems it is proven to make you happy all day long! Chop up some banana and almonds. our out milk into your cereal bowl and put the banana & almonds in. Add some honey and go ahead enjoy!

5. Green gram &  Sweet potato soup

Some serious eating stuff here!! You come back from the cold and feel the craving for warmth from inside? Or you’re just plain hungry and what to have something that will fill you the right amount.


Boil & Mash some sweet potato with some green gram. Heat a pan with some Olive oil & throw in some garlic cloves crushed. Take care not to burn them. Add in some shallots/ spring onion. Put in the mashed sweet potato – green gram mix. Add water  to boil. Stir occasionally. Season with salt & pepper. Take it out to a soup bowl when the consistency is thick. Have the hearty soup that your tummy would love.

6. Sprouts snack

Seriously! You don’t need me telling you how good Sprouts are for health!. Get some of those sprouts ready to be eaten. If you’re not sure how- check here.


Mix this with some chopped shallots, tomato & coriander leaves. Add a splash of lime juice & salt to taste. I pour in a spoon of extra virgin olive oil for the taste. Enjoy the snack!

7. Mushroom & Broccoli creamy soup

Now, those cravings to have a creamy dreamy soup- but without the cream! I have a solution for you! Use potato as a soup base.


Heat pan with Olive oil and put in some garlic & ginger paste. Put in chopped Broccoli florets & Mushrooms. Stir till they retain their freshness. you don’t wanna make them too soggy too. Pour in your blended potato base. Cook with salt & pepper seasoning. Garnish with spring onion stalks. This one has my heart all over!!

8. Healthy Pancakes

Yes! You heard me right!! Whole Wheat Oatmeal Pancakes. Let me see you smiles…


Mix together Wheat Flour and Oats. Beat together 2-3 egg with sugar and keep adding milk. Keep adding the dry mixture to the consistency of a pouring batter (not too runny and not too stiff). Adjust adding milk if required. Heat a small non stick and pour in two spoonfuls. Cook Both sides and serve with maple syrup/honey. For a variant add mashed banana into the mixture too.

Hope you guys Enjoy the Healthy eating. I really recommend you guys to read The Beauty Diet by Shonali Saberwal. This has really changed my view on food and cooking. Macro-nutrition is a new concept to many and would make so much sense once you start following.

Let me know how your cooking went. I’d love to hear.

Much Love