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My Insta Love & Top 10 Instagrammers I follow

Hey My Lovely Readers!

Have you missed me for the week? Was caught up in bad weather and commitments. Delhi has a very gloomy climate with grey skies & drizzling all around. I’v been curled up and reading all the while. Getting myself out to shoot was near Impossible. Oh! I did watch the movie ‘Dum Lagake Haisa!’. I barely understood most of the local dialect. The movie is cute love story in its own way though. Cuddling up in a recliner made the show worth it!

I have been working on another few posts and posting regularly on Instagram. If you aren’t following me there yet, you need to click HERE right now!! I wanna tell you guys about the top Instagrammers I follow regularly. I follow very few handful of followers and I wanna tell you guys the top 10 I follow (In random order). Wait till last for my favorite one. I’m sure they will be your favorite very soon.

1. Jessica Harlow

I can call out her name in my dream. Been following her for years now. Her YouTube and Instagram and FB. I’m a huge fan huh? Seriously Love her style, hair & skin.


Follow her for:

Real sized Body styling (She has amazing body with real curves)

Amazing Makeup & Hair techniques

Wonderful self motivation videos

Her puppy cupcake is the cutest dog you will find online

2. Dian Pelangi

I have just recently started following her and I love her style. She is an Entrepreneur and an inspiration neatly tucked into colorful hijab. YES!! She dons a hijab and rocks it like a boss!!


Follow her for:

Pure Class. She is the most fashionable IGer I follow. No Doubt.

Elegance in Hijab

Fashion without skin show

3. Cipriana Quann

She and her twin sister have been making waves in fashion Industry for a long time. Long thick natural hair and a killer look to carry it – look here. Cipriana has class, elegance and is bold enough to carry her natural looks with such grace. I’m in absolute amaze for these twins. I’ve followed them ever since their fashion made it to Buzzfeed too.


Follow her for:

Effortless ease in styling you body

Natural Hair – I mean volumes of real locks!

Vogue Editor – so expect some quality stuff here

4. Michelle Phan

We all know this famous Blogger who is also the founder of Ipsy. I have been following her from eternity and love everything about her. She is an adorable bunny girl with a lot of talent. She recently published her own book on makeup.


Follow her for:

Make up tips – loads of them


Amazing anime

Her cute love story with the Greek god-look-alike Dominique.

5.Sonu bohra

Bombay fashion Blogger who lives in Muscat. she has a girl next door appeal and her styling is always effortless & chic.


Follow her for:

Amazing OOTD

Fashion inspiration without much skin show

Living & Loving life

Indian Fashion Inspiration

fashion inspiration for the middle east immigrants.

6.Rati Tehri singh

She is the founder of IMBB – an Indian makeup review blog with user content in it. She has inspired a lot of women to travel more and to dress to their heart. She has given an opportunity to a lot of women to become a bit bloggers themselves doing product reviews.


Follow her for:

Delhi Fun & shopping

Amazing eatery options

Lot of travel

Minimalist photos with lot of brands

Lipsticks – loads of them

Simple Everyday OOTD – Class & Chic

7. Shauna Miller (Pennychic)

again an amazing blogger here who shows you how to get stuff done in DIY. She has an amazing fashion sense and also has a book published. she is an award-winning blogger and a must follow for me. I am a huge DIY fan.


Follow her for:


Budget Styling & Decor

Real Deal of looking fashionable

8. Lily Singh (Superwoman)

This one woman has a Universe of awesomeness filled in her. she is world-famous and has Jay Sean featuring guest posts with her. she dons her Punjabi nature and kills it. She even has IG accounts in the name of her parents(fiction parents she has on her videos). Her YouTube account is one of my favourite and they are hilarious!! If you don’t know her yet….go check her out in youtube. You just need this woman o your IG.


Follow her for:

Hilarious Videos, Vines & pics

Loads of laughter

Lotta swag!!

9.Agam (Trimmingsandlace)

Love her style and OOTD posts. Her pics are realistic, chic & classy


Follow her for:

Class Pictures

Lovely OOTD

Minimalist Photos with lot of love

10.Priscilla and Poppleton (Prissy_pig)

This is my sunshine in an ocean of fashion blogging. These are two cute little pig siblings who have an IG account of their own! How adorable is that??


Follow them for:

Loads of Cuteness

A smile when you need it

So… That’s All for now Folks! Tell me if are following any of them. See ya all soon with a new post

Much Love