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Product Review- M.A.C Brush Cleanser

Hey Lovelies,

We have a Guest Blogger on board today. My gorgeous friend Namita has shared her review on her favourite Brush Cleaner. This was something we all have been wanting. So here goes…

I am a big fan of MAC products, like many of you are. I picked up this brush cleanser last month on one of those casual “looking to buy something” visits to the MAC store.

I have seen this before at the MAC store, but for some reason I thought this is a hair brush cleaner and so never bought it!! (Duh! I know) I do not own a lot of makeup brushes but I clean the ones I have regularly and have noticed that regular washing spoils the bristles. Plus, drying the brushes takes forever which is very annoying! So I thought I’ll try this for spot cleaning.


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Claims : “MAC Brush Cleanser is formulated to clean, disinfect and condition natural or synthetic cosmetic brushes.”

Directions to use: Apply to damp brushes and work through. Rinse well. Reshape and lay flat to dry

However I have a different way of cleaning my brushes and works great for me. I pour some product into a tiny container, dip the ends of the brushes and swirl the brush on a paper towel till the brush is clean and then lay flat to dry. It takes about 4-5 minutes to dry, which is great! I can reuse the same brush immediately to apply another color of eye shadow for example.

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I really like the fact that the liquid disinfects the brush while cleaning it. So I don’t have to worry about unnecessary acne! It does not have a noticeable smell per say, but smells faintly like makeup remover.

I am quite impressed by how much product comes off on the paper towel, which makes me believe the brush edges are squeaky clean. But this is only for spot cleaning and CANNOT be used as a deep cleaner for brushes. You still have to wash the brush to deep clean it, but less frequently when you have this!

I was also worried if it would make the bristles rough. I am happy that it did not change the texture of the brush and in fact made the bristles softer!

What I don’t like about MAC Brush Cleanser : The bottle is quite bulky which makes it difficult to carry while traveling. I wish they had smaller or even slimmer versions of the bottle.

Price: INR 650 for 235 ml. You can get it here.


  1. Great spot cleanser! Lives up to it’s claim
  2. Disinfects the brush – Less acne
  3. Does not change the texture of the brush, does not make it rough
  4. Dries quickly
  5. Almost no smell


  1. Bulky bottle
  2. Cannot deep cleanse

Overall I’m quite happy that I bought it. This makes a fantastic addition to my MAC collection! 4.5 kisses to this beauty

Namita Menon