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Christmas & Foggy winters

Hello There!

How did your Christmas go? A Very Merry Christmas & Holidays to my lovely Readers. You guys Inspire me to do more posts. Hope you had a lovely day! Delhi is freezing now and Christmas was pretty white…err not the snow- the Fog!!

We were at a dear friend’s place for Christmas Lunch and the Table was full of Gorgeous Food. They had the most Sensational Pulled Beef for Lunch. Slurp!!! Delicious food!


I made homemade gifts for all. Made Daddy some Spice Infused Vodka, Mom some Vanilla flavoured Sugar Scrub, Bro got some Spice glazed almonds coated in chocolate. Our Lovely hosts loved their gifts too. Making them and labeling was fun though!!

altAmvMsVryEjmfxvFmKHu8brk0eM2fXhBHYM3xl2gSAY8z (1)


Delhi is freezing and with all that glass doors, the house was freezing too.


I love watching the fumes coming out of mouth in peak winters.



Outfit Details:

Lace Tunic: H&M

Jean: Jealous 21

Coat: Forever 21

Beanie: H&M

Red Pumps: M&S UK

I had a very Happy Birthday too… all thanx to this lil Boo…


That is a piece of my heart in a single pic…. (A lil hazy pic though)

Dress: Apricot UK

Slacks: M&S UK


Till next post, I love you guys. Hope you enjoyed the read.

Much Love



P.S: You can always tell me if you have any suggestion or any requests on Posts. I’d be glad to do it.