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Product review- Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean 4-in-1 wash off Deep Cleansing Milk

Hey Lovelies, I had a pretty awesome weekend. Lot of friends catching up, shopping and fun. Shine took me on a dinner date buffet and ended up getting frustrated seeing me eat boiled veggies and salads. lol. This was what my plate looked like:


Now after a whole day of makeup on face and the touch ups in between, my skin was dying to get out and breath by night. when it has been a long ass day and I know I have been bad to my skin, I go to my deep pore cleansing to have a clean face before sleep. Now, you guys must have heard this a gazillion times, have a clean face before you sleep. Even traces of that kohl or lip liner is harmful for your skin. I know how everybody has their important to-do list before sleep. Dishes, kids in bed, reading, sorting, whatever. In between all this, you feel you can afford to cut back the time you spend on yourself.

Let me tell you- that one month you did that, your skin aged near a year! The main issue is the environmental pollutants that drive the generation of free radicals. These contribute to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, the structures that underpin youthful skin. While these structures deteriorate with age, you don’t want to do anything to speed up that process. Long story short, YOU NEED PORE CLEANSING DAILY!!!

So here am with my favorite cleanser- my all time saviour! Peaches & Clean 4-in-1 wash off deep cleasing milk by Soap & Glory. I cant tell you how much I love the prodcts of Soap & Glory and I’m over the moon that they are available now in Sephora in India. For those who are outside access to Sephora, Ebay.in is also selling few of them. I’ve almost finished this baby and waiting to buy the next bottle.

Soap & Glory Peaches Clean | mitzitup.com

Product Description:

This amazing stuff targets the special clogged T-Zone area (I’m singing happy in my mind). It also has skin smoothing fruit acids(AHA) from peaches, Quillaja Bark (a gentle natural soap) and Jojoba Oil (an emollient skin softener). In addition to these, what makes it super product is the DETOXYBOOST TM Technology  (to purify and deep clean) and the PORESHRINK R2 TM (for cleaner, fresher, brighter complexion). The best part is that it is suitable for all skin types.
It comes in an easy locked pump and in a 200 ml/ 6.7 US Fl.Oz bottle. The bottle is retro pink and I can’t stop crushing on this shade. This is the only cleanser that can be even washed off with water – for when you can’t find those cottons/wipes. It is a cream based cleanser and doesn’t foam up. A little goes a long way and you feel satisfied for sure.

Soap & Glory Peaches Clean | mitzitup.com

Soap & Glory Peaches Clean | mitzitup.com

Soap & Glory Peaches Clean | mitzitup.com
Rub it in and massage off the makeup. The makeup literally melts away and you are left with a squeaky clean face. It leaves my face feeling clean, slightly tingly and cool which is surprisingly nice while you’re taking a hot shower. A little toner and moisturizer – you are ready for that much-needed beauty sleep. Did I mention, I love the smell too? Who knew peachy mint is this yummm…

Soap & Glory Peaches Clean | mitzitup.com
Soap & Glory Peaches Clean | mitzitup.com
Soap & Glory is a British Brand and is manufactured in London.It has an expiry of 24 months from opening. Do not miss reading the label while you use the product. The label is hilarious- not a thing that normal products carry. The retro style is unique in itself- you guys are the  best. (I love retro & vintage).

Price: £8.00/ 800 INR

Verdict: Need I say more. 5/5

Adore/Ignore: Adore Adore Adore.

I would totally recommend this for all the people who struggle with their kohl/kajal. The foundations and lip colors melt away in this. Although, if you feel you have too sensitive skin, you may wanna try a patch test before you go ahead with the full product. Also, do not use this on a daily basis. this is my full face makeup day product. On regular days, I just go with my regular routine. So, Go ahead and do your skin some good… Till the next post, you guys keep it fun!

Much Love,