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Explosion Box DIY

Hey Lovelies,

I always have been a huge fan of DIY Projects and have done a ton of them since childhood. The most recent one I did was on Shine’s B’day. I did not want to give him a boring old card from the rack with his name, some wordings and my name written up- in the designated places. Coming to think of it, how boring is that? Do you see any emotions in that? You care, it shows! I believe in that.

What’s life without a dash of madness. So I decide to go ahead and make him an explosion box. I was introduced to this concept by a dear friend and since then it had been stuck on my mind. Now, the added difficulty was to do it all hush-hush.(I can excel as a guerilla fighter…. Yeehaaa!!!). Now an Explosion box is a kinda box, given as a surprise gift. when the receiver opens it, there will be layers that open out- much like a pop-up card we used to love in our childhood.


So Ill do a quick DIY run through in this post. I really can’t just dismantle and show you his gift- that’d be rude…..and I haven’t made plans to make another one yet. So I shall try to explain as much as I can and the rest, I shall attach you a video to make it very clear.


– A pretty thick chart sheet- select the Color & Pattern you love. (This shall be your box’s outer look)

– Few more pretty chart sheets of different thickness- as many layers you want. Make sure these colours compliment each other.

– A good scissors, sketch pen, Pencil, Ruler, Sticky tape & Glue.

– All that pretty laces, trinkets, stickers & cut outs you get to buy from a craft shop. Keep to the theme and buy stuff that look good together. If you are in India- order online from www.itsybitsy.in .I got mine from there.

– Get few stuff to personalise the box. I preferred photos. You can chose what ever you like.

Step 1:

Cut up the outer chart to half. Now this will form the lower body and the Lid of the box.

As it is a lil complicated to explain how to make the lid, I’m attaching the video below for simple origami box. This was the most useful Origami I’ve learned.

Now, you can’t really make the entire Explosion box like in the video. Just stick to making the lid.

Once your box is done and you have sticky-taped whatever you feel may come off, we get to Step 2

Step 2:

Measure the base of your lid, and this will act as the base of your box as well. Take the other half of the outer sheet. Cut 4 squares of the same measurement on the corners of this sheet. Cut these out or fold them in You will end up with this:


Step 3:

Decorate the 4 leafs(Or the folded in sheets if you have left it too). Leave the center part empty.

Step 4:

Make more of these cutouts with the other papers; but reducing an inch from all dimensions, to facilitate easy fitting in. Again leave the center empty. Decorate them as you feel appropriate. Fix the cutouts into the bigger ones with glue. In the innermost layer, you can go ahead and decorate the center as well.

Step 5:

Close up the outer layers and lip up. Voila! you’re done. It looks different with the decoration and the shape of the base.

Hope you guys try this out. Let me know if you love it.

Much Love