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Hello There!!!

I’ve been thinking for a very long long time to start Blogging on my love for Beauty Products and Outfits. This was a love that has been with me for longer than I can remember. My childhood memories were of me fighting to choose my own Outfit. (Back then, parents decide what we wear and it’s alarmingly bad taste – Sorry mom!) I used to play around with my mom’s makeup in teens. Her foundation routine is something I still can’t learn. It looks so flawless on her!! Then during my mid-teens I was allowed Make-up and mom got me a few stuff. Still having restrictions on chemicals and ingredients. (Doctor Parents!)

Growing up I naturally loved trying products and learning more on how each stuff work. Soon started being a consultant for a Swedish Beauty company and loved that phase. Going to UK again opened up more and more range of stuff. Altogether here I am, a total makeup lover, Nailart buff and a Foodie. So this Blog I dedicate to all the Make-up lovers, the travel buffs and the foodie ladies!!!

I would love to publish the stuff that you have to share as well. We all are occasional Fashionistas! (Mostly a grumpy pajama creature watching movies on laptop…) So if you have your thought and a few pics to share…voila!! We can get your experience posted. Sharing is Caring, aint it??? I’ll post soon on the format for your posts and the topics we shall be posting on.  As of now I have thought of OOTD, Travel Review, Product Review, DIY & hacks and restaurant Reviews.

So till then let me post up the requested Blogs and how-to’s.

Much Love

Lets get Wild!